TECHNOLOGY par excellence

At KEDAAR STEEL, the production of high quality TMT bars depends on three major factors:
  • Quality raw material, which is ensured through an extensive vendor selection process and strict quality checks.
  • Advanced & technically designed automated manufacturing plant.
  • Well-designed quenching and tempering technology.


During this process properly sorted scrap is fed into the furnace and chemical are added to the molten metal to refine the same and achieve the desired chemical composition of steel billets. Chemical test are done during the process.

So as to ensure the quality and purity of steel billets. KEDAAR STEEL TMT bars are 'hot rolled' from steel billets and then subjected to a PLC controlled on-line thermo mechanical treatment in three successive stages. KEDAAR STEEL TMT bars are the new generation and high strength ribbed reinforcement bars having superior mechanical properties in strength, weldability, ductility, and bendability, meeting International quality standards. KEDAAR STEEL TMT bars are produced in state-of-the-art manufacturing plants under close supervision of our experienced frontline engineers and metallurgists. KEDAAR STEEL TMT bars have a uniform and concentrated hardened periphery, with a softer core that has the desired tensile strength coupled with high elongation, specially required in seismic zones.


Kedaar Steel TMT bars offer a far greater resistance to any seismic pressure when compared to ordinary bars. Kedaar Steel TMT bars are proven to have higher resistance to cyclic loading conditions and are recommended in earthquake prone areas due to their superior seismic resistant properties.


Quenching is generally done by cooling at a sufficiently high rate to avoid undesirable internal microstructure as well as to ensure uniform mechanical properties, minimize residual stresses, and avoid warpage. The experienced Quality Assurance & Control department at KEDAAR STEEL ensures that a uniform quench rate is maintained along with required agitation near the surfaces of the parts, thus avoiding residual stress and warpage of the parts, and ensuring highest quality KEDAAR STEEL TMT bars in the industry.